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Ancaster Family Chiropractic

extended familyAncaster Family Chiropractic is a wellness-based clinic serving families from newborns to seniors in the heart of Ancaster. We desire to educate and adjust as many families to optimal health, through safe, scientific, corrective chiropractic care.

We use this website to explain to you what chiropractic is and why we see so many lives changed (check out our Testimonials page). We have found that the healing starts when you understand your problem and how we can help you. Our bodies have been designed to heal, recreate and regenerate – as long as there’s no interference. Unfortunately, if there is interference, it’s robbing your body of precious LIFE. Our vision it to help you fulfill the vision you have for your life!

Take the first step to being FULLY ALIVE by calling Ancaster Family Chiropractic today! In addition, please check out and see what is happening! It is “Your Town, Your Voice”!

Dr. Neil Brown | Ancaster Chiropractor | Phone: (905) 648-6530

Ancaster Chiropractor