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We all have a health philosophy, whether we know it or not. It’s actually a really important topic because it lays the foundation for every health choice we make for ourselves and our families. When we make a choice for our health, WHY do we make that choice? Is it because we innately trust our ability to heal, or is it because we are scared and a victim of bad germs, bad genes and bad luck?

Most of our family members and friends make choices based on what they hear in the popular press and the traditions of medicine. Here’s an example: one day eggs are good for us, so we eat lots of them. Not long after, we hear that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, and since we’re told cholesterol is bad, eggs must be bad for us. Then, we hear that eggs contain a nearly perfect amount of amino acids (building blocks for protein) and improve cholesterol profile. In fact, the “biological value” of any protein is compared to eggs, which are given a perfect score of 100.

Many of the choices made are based on fear of sickness or disease. Even when people talk about ‘prevention’, it means that they’re only doing something for their health so they don’t get gingivitis or heart disease or diabetes or cancer or arthritis. It is acting based on fear and avoidance, and has nothing to do with making proactive choices that steward this amazing resource called our health.

Most of you know my wife and I have 4 children and their ages total 19 years. Over their combined 19 years, we have never given our children an antibiotic, they have never had Tylenol and never taken Pepto-Bismol for an upset stomach. Our job, when they are healing, is to strengthen their healing system that already exists inside them.

I don’t tell you about our children’s health to brag. Our children have had cuts and scrapes, a broken wrist, several ear infections, a boil that had to be lanced, a urinary tract infection, chicken pox (all 4), several flues and upset stomachs which lead to vomiting. It’s not that we’re so against drugs that we’d risk our children’s lives, it’s that we are so FOR their innate ability to heal, that nothing can trump that.

Think about a fever for a moment. Why does it happen? It increases the strength of the immune system and decreases the ability of bacteria and viruses to multiply. It has a purpose. Research that shows when children are given Tylenol, it takes them longer to recover. They have to break down the drug, and they still have to heal from whatever caused the fever in the first place!

The ONLY reason chiropractic works is because you are made to heal. If healing wasn’t inborn, chiropractic would do nothing.

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  1. Eva Marsh says
    Aug 22, 2017 at 8:32 PM

    Fifty years ago when I was told to get my affairs in order, I didn't have long to live, my health philosophy immediately came into sharp focus. Now I am 73, symptom free and fully mobile after a lifetime of experience with multiple sclerosis. Be well and live long!

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