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5 Core Principles

These 5 principles form the foundation of chiropractic.  This is our ‘why’.

1. In the presence of a subluxation, you are always less than 100% connected.
Since your brain controls function, healing and cell regeneration (aging), there is a massive impact on even a slight decrease in connection. Being less than 100% connected shows up a little differently for every person though. For some, it might mean they’re slowly losing something they used to have. For example: the ability to bend over to tie their shoes, sleeping through the night without interruption, having clear thoughts to make decisions, digesting food without gas pains or being able to play with their grandchildren. For others it’s gaining something they don’t want (symptoms): sciatica, migraines, tingling/numbness or neck pain.

2. In the presence of subluxation, you can never reach your full potential
The means someone can’t fully heal from stress (physical, mental/emotional and chemical). For some that means they can’t be pain free. For others that means they can’t perform in a sport or at work as well as they could – they are working at less than 100% of their capacity.

3. There is no alternative to chiropractic care.
There is value and benefit to other ‘hands-on’ professions such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and therapeutic exercise. None of these, however, detect and certainly don’t correct subluxation. Chiropractic can’t be an alternative to medical care either. Alternative means another way to accomplish the same thing. Nothing else corrects subluxation.

4. Chiropractic is never about the treatment of symptoms or diseases.
For disease to exist, there has to be cellular damage. Chronically present, or recurring subluxations allow for dis-ease. When combined with time dis-ease turns into a state of dis-ease followed by disease. If chiropractic is about the treatment of disease, we’re waiting until cell damage occurs. Chiropractic is simply about the removal of dis-ease.

5. There is an innate intelligence in your body that knows more than your educated mind.
We are all programmed to return to a state of ease, healing and harmony. Your body produces over 65 000 different chemicals for you to heal, recreate and regenerate! You have to balance, digest lunch, fight off infection, heal a cut on your hand, build blood cells, filter toxins and MANY more functions without any conscious input. This only happens because of an inborn, innate intelligence.

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