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Alternative to What?

Put your hand up if you’ve heard the term “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”. No – don’t actually put your hand up, but the point is made. Chiropractic has been categorized as both complementary and alternative. The problem is that it’s neither.

Complementary means ‘compatible, matching or corresponding’. Alternative means ‘available as another possibility’. Medicine and chiropractic do not have the same purpose. Some believe that the purpose of chiropractic is to make back pain, sciatica or headaches go away, and if that was the case, it could be considered complementary or alternative to pain-relievers like Tylenol, Robaxacet or Percocet. As you know, healing and improvement of digestion/sleeping/breathing/movement/etc is actually a side effect of chiropractic adjustments. The entire purpose is to fully connect your brain to your body. Chiropractic care is only successful in helping people feel better because ALL of us have an inborn, innate ability to heal that is released when subluxation is removed.

When disease is present, there must be some level of cellular damage. The intent of chiropractic is to identify and remove any areas of dis-ease, that is, areas of poor function/healing/cell repair before it becomes DISEASE. The only difference between dis-ease and disease, is time. If chiropractic is about the treatment of disease, we’re waiting for cell damage to occur and then trying to fix it. Chiropractic is about the removal of dis-ease.

Chiropractic has no alternative. Nothing else detects and corrects subluxation.

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