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Are You All Ready for Christmas?

What a question! It’s one of the most common “how are you?” questions at this time of year. I often think about this one because our priorities lie within the answer. What I think I’m being asked is: have you decorated for Christmas, put up your tree, sent Christmas cards and most importantly – have you bought all the presents you’re supposed to get for family and friends? It’s this question: have you checked everything off your list that must be completed by December 25? If you haven’t gotten it all done yet, you should feel stressed because the clock is ticking! We CREATE a massive amount of stress in our lives because we’re just doing what everyone else is doing, running around – “getting ready for Christmas”.

I overheard a conversation the other day. It was the usual ‘you all ready?’ The answer was fantastic because it told me what that person was focusing on as we lead up to Christmas. He said “I’m looking forward to some extra family time and cooking a few meals that I don’t normally have time for.” He is planning to spend his extra time with great purpose during his holiday break. Those events won’t accidentally happen – they only happen with intent. Take 30 seconds and think about the following question and how it applies to you in the next couple weeks:

Are your ACTIONS congruent with your VALUES?

Are you spending your time, focus, energy and money on people/things/food/activities that are ACTUALLY important to YOU? Or has someone else defined what is really valuable in your life?

Christmas is around the corner and our family is going through all the bible stories leading up to the birth of Jesus. We recognize the gift God sent us in Jesus. I know that some of you share different spiritual beliefs. Even if we have different beliefs, we can still choose to make the Christmas season about slowing down, being humble with family (who can be challenging and cause stress), listening, celebrating, loving, being joyful with what we have, laughing, caring and practicing patience. Are you all ready for Christmas?

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