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Fix it Now!

Fix it Now!

I was at a car service centre last week getting winter tires put on our van. I overheard a conversation, and it related very much to our health care.

want it now

A customer brought his car in to have a noisy heater fan repaired or replaced. He had taken the day off work to bring in his car, expecting to have it fixed during that appointment. After an hour and a half, the service adviser came over to tell him the part that needed to be replaced was not in stock and would have to be ordered. He would have to bring the car back another day. The customer was frustrated because he had anticipated the repair would be completed and he’d have his car back the same day. However, the dealership couldn’t order parts ahead of time before diagnosing the cause of the problem properly. Aha! In my mind, this was a chiropractic conversation.

We sometimes get asked by a new patient to be adjusted on their first appointment. The answer is always no. A proper assessment, review of the assessment and x-rays, and a plan to fix the problem has to happen first. Just like the repair shop can’t randomly start replacing parts, hoping they’ll get the right one, we cannot start adjusting someone based on a hunch. Spinal X-rays are essential in this process. Your optometrist doesn’t throw a pair of glasses at you, hoping they’ll help you see better, and your dentist doesn’t haphazardly start drilling a tooth where a cavity might exist. Thorough assessments have to happen first.

Changes in nerve activity and spinal function and structure occur over time. That is why we re-assess the health of your nerve system at regular intervals. Subluxation patterns change. Your body holds adjustments longer. Physical, chemical and mental stresses change how your nerve system responds. To not know, is to guess – and we don’t want that for your health or ours.

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