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Health, Truth & Hope

If you asked people around the world what they value most (and if you asked yourself that question), the answer would certainly be personal health and strong relationships. The desire for physical health is most obvious – a good quality of life and longevity are universal desires. For some though, there is a huge disconnect between the choices that are comfortable and convenient in the short term, versus the impact those choices have on long term health. An apple is always a better choice for our health than a doughnut, but sometimes we pick the doughnut because of the immediate pleasure. At some level, we all recognize that interacting well with family, friends, neighbours and co-workers is also essential. We are social beings and have a better quality of life when we have people to care for, and in turn are cared for by others.

Based on those two values, what choices will you make around the holidays? Those that are comfortable, convenient and give you a short term high? Or those that invest into your family’s quality of life and longevity? Even in relationships, sometimes it’s an easier choice to mentally check-out or avoid certain people, but this is a perfect time of year for reconciliation, forgiveness, and to start rebuilding broken relationships. Asking questions is a great place to start.

You have the opportunity to share the Gift of Health at Christmas time. It’s the easiest way we can think of to share HEALTH with someone you care about. So many around us have put their hope in a pill bottle or an injection because they’ve been told that’s all that can be done. Please give them the opportunity to hear the TRUTH and have HOPE restored.

1. Tell us who you know that needs help. Let us know the family’s name with their address, email address & phone number
2. We’ll mail them a gift certificate for a FREE initial assessment, nerve scan, x-rays, Doctor’s Report and 2 weeks of FREE adjustments
3. We’ll donate $20 to Chiropractors with Compassion for every certificate redeemed
4. You help a loved one here, help change lives across the globe through Compassion Canada AND get entered to win some great prizes!

The Gift of Health ends on Thursday, January 5, 2016.

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