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Infinite Potential

I was recently at a conference and had the opportunity to hear Dr. Peter Amlinger speak. He’s a chiropractor in Mississauga who was featured in a movie called Love Bomb. Here are his words from the movie….

If I were to hold up an acorn and ask a group of people what they see, the vast majority, if not all of them, would say ‘I see an acorn’. That is one possibility. But when I look at this acorn, I see an oak forest. Because I understand if I were to plant this acorn, and nurture it, and water it, and give it proper conditions, it would grow into an oak tree, which over time would produce thousands of acorns that would fall to the ground and germinate and eventually over time, would develop into an oak forest.

Then I look at the ecosystem that the oak forest would create, the habitat it would create for wildlife, of all different sorts and the beneficial effects it would have on the environment. It would take carbon dioxide from the air and replenish the air with oxygen, it would create shade, it would have all these tremendous benefits. We could go in and start harvesting the oak to build beautiful dining room tables to have thanksgiving dinners around. We could build beautiful clinics to serve our patients in. We could build cribs to keep our children safe while they’re sleeping. We could build coffins that we could send our loved ones to the other side in and celebrate their life. We could build a box of matches and destroy in hours what it took Innate Intelligence centuries to build. When I look at this acorn, I see in fact, infinite potential.

When I look at this acorn (much larger), which is just another acorn from another geography, just because it’s 3 or 4 times larger than this acorn, doesn’t mean it has any more or less potential. Infinite potential is infinite potential. So if we bring it into our context, it doesn’t matter how big we are, how small we are, how thin we are, how fat we are, how old we are, how young we are, what happened yesterday, what happened last week, last month, last year, within each and every one of us is infinite potential which we call Innate Intelligence. It expresses itself over our nervous system. If we live fully connected to this intelligence, all possibility is within our reach. Anything is possible within our life experience. Healing on any level is possible if we can release this intelligence and keep it flowing without interference.

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