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Inside Out Immunity

It’s the time of year when all the germs spring into action to make us sick. It’s ‘flu season’. We are lead to believe that it’s the season to blame for sickness or that certain viruses are more active this time of year. We don’t often hear about how important it is to strengthen our immune system. The message is usually that we are sick and helpless, and Tylenol or the flu vaccine will rescue us from sickness.

A recent study of almost 2000 people which looked at flu infection outcomes in an unvaccinated population showed that:
5% (78) had medically-attended flu (sought medical intervention)
21% (379) handled the flu without medical intervention
75% (1371) had laboratory confirmed asymptomatic infection (no symptoms)

What is most fascinating about this research is that 75% of subjects had the flu virus without ANY symptoms. This suggests….no SCREAMS, that it’s not the virus that makes someone sick, it’s a weakness in their immune system. If it was simply the virus directly causing sickness, 100% of those infected would have symptoms. A couple weeks ago, our Article of the Week talked about the importance of sunlight and vitamin (hormone) D3 to our immune system health. This is one of several steps we can take to give our immune system the best opportunity to function fully. We need to start with the most important system that controls ALL healing, of course, our nerve system. No profession helps somebody better adapt to their internal and external environment than chiropractors.

A study from 2008 showed that 20 minutes and 2 hours after receiving chiropractic adjusted, participants had an increase in immune cells in their blood. Those who were not adjusted had not change in their immune system cells.

Quick tips:
1. Get your regular adjustments! – especially if you’re feeling run down
2. Decrease (a lot) your sugar intake – it crushes your immune system
3. Get enough sleep – see last week’s Article of the Week, it clears brain waste
4. Keep moving – it can be harder as the weather gets colder but don’t stop

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