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Meet Our Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Neil Brown | Chiropractor in Ancaster

Dr. Neil Brown is a family chiropractor practicing full time in Ancaster, Ontario since 2005. He grew up in Wainflee
t in the Niagara Region. He has been blessed with an incredible family including his beautiful wife Karen, three daughters – Lydia, Kassandra & Felicity and a son, Jansen.  Dr. Neil studied biochemistry at McMaster University and received his Doctor of Chir
opractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in central New York.

We are a Chiropractic Family

My family and I get adjusted on a weekly basis. We exercise regularly and eat local, organic produce as much as we can. When I’m not at the clinic, I love spending time with my family , playing guitar and piano, and running. I am part of an incredible group of chiropractors from across the continent who train and learn from each other so we can provide the highest level of care possiblefamily

My Vision

My VISION is to help you fulfill the VISION you have for your life. Without vision, people perish. At Ancaster Family Chiropractic, we’re on a mission to change and save as many lives as we can in Ancaster, Hamilton and the surrounding areas.
It’s no surprise that we’re living sicker lives – chronic lifestyle disease numbers are skyrocketing. The great news is, science estimates that at least 90% of these diagnoses are preventable. This is where we focus. Our job is to find out where there is interference in your nerve system limiting your God-given ability to express health. We then work with you to remove that interference and allow the healing and life to flow inside your body from above, down, inside, out.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you and your family in person and learning how we can serve you. Give our Ancaster clinic a call or email using the link below.