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Perspective is Everything


Perspective is Everything

All of us view our health through one of three lenses: reactionary, preventative or proactive.

Many of us have been raised within a reactionary paradigm. We waited until there was a symptom, disease or diagnosis and then tried to make it go away as fast as possible, usually with drugs. This is the level at which the majority of our publicly funded “health” care system operates. For several reasons, there is little to no attention paid to proactive health practices. Many people we see are expecting reactionary care: provide chiropractic care to make pain or sickness go away. The fact that we would provide care beyond symptoms is surprising to some. The research though, shows significantly higher levels of health, function, better response to stress and even longer life span in those receiving regular chiropractic care, regardless of symptoms.

As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself. ~ Adelle Davis, Nutritionist

In a preventative paradigm, the motivation is simply to avoid sickness, pain or a disease. The problem here is that it doesn’t actually move you toward health. You are operating from a position of fear, scarcity and avoidance. Cancer screening tests are a familiar example of “preventative” medicine. The problem lies in the fact that if you have a positive test, you already have cancer – how is that prevention? In prostate cancer testing specifically, it has recently been determined that there is significant harm caused by treatments that occur with false positive tests. Preventative action is certainly better than reactionary, but this still isn’t real health action.

When we act proactively, we commit to regular stewardship disciplines, understanding that they are congruent with health, function and restoration. For example, getting adequate sleep, choosing foods with care and intention, building healthy relationships, getting regular body exercise and maximizing nerve function (you knew that would be in there). When we brush and floss our teeth, and get them checked proactively, they are healthier and they last longer. The beauty of being proactive is that each of us gets to choose our own disciplines. We are not forced to make decisions to salvage our health. We continually peel away layers like an onion, proactively removing stresses, as we get closer to the best version of ourselves. What is one thing you can do today to move yourself and your family towards better health?

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