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Sitting Too Much? This will help you

We know that subluxations are caused by a combination of physical, mental and chemical stresses. Sitting is one of the most stressful activities for your spine.
When you sit, your body slumps, your metabolism slows, and you…spread. But if you’re in a job where you must sit—or you don’t have a standing desk—you’ll be happy to learn that there are ways to minimize the physical stress.

First, chairs and couches lead to trouble for the simple reason that they support your body weight. With a chair holding you up, your ankles, knees, and hips stiffen; your muscles weaken; your shoulders round forward. Sitting causes the curve in your lower back to reverse, significantly increasing the compression on your discs. As a result, you lose spinal stability and increase the likelihood of injury from seemingly minor bends or twists.

Yikes! Okay, now for some good news: In a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers tracked nearly 13,000 women for 12 years to find out how much health damage sitting could do over the long term. Yes, years spent on the couch or hunched over a desk was linked to a greater risk of weight gain, heart disease, and spinal damage —but only for women who sat still. When the researchers separated the women into three groups—low fidgeting, moderate fidgeting, and high fidgeting—they discovered that the most active sitters faired better. These women sat as much as 7 hours a day, but by continually tapping their fingers, bouncing their legs, and, the researchers suspect, hopping up frequently, they were able to decrease the health impacts of complete inactivity.

So if you’re trapped in a chair, be sure to add some fidgeting and get up to wander around every 20 minutes and try out the stretches below:

1. Shoulder Opener – Stand up straight and tall, holding a towel or belt in each hand behind your back. Raise your arms behind you as high as you can without feeling discomfort. Pull your shoulders back and together as you lift the towel

2. Star Reach – Stand with your legs slightly wider than hip width. Reach your arms high in the sky with palms facing forward. Spread your fingers. Rise high on your tippy-toes. You’ll experience an exhilarating stretch from the extension of the ankles, knees, hips, chest, and shoulders.

3. Figure 4 Sit – While seated, cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Use your right hand to apply a tiny bit of pressure to the inside of your right knee, and then slightly lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your right backside. Hold for 6-8 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

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