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Spinal Cord Injury

Studying major spinal cord injuries gives us insight into the areas of the body affected most by nerve system damage. They are subluxations on a large scale. When nerve injury of this severity occurs, we can learn what areas are first, and most significantly affected by loss of healthy nerve communication. This helps us better understand the short and long term health consequences that subluxation has on those who have symptoms, and those who don’t have any symptoms. Chiropractic’s purpose is to make sure your brain can talk to your body, and subluxation changes how they talk to each other.

A paper published in 2015 showed that spinal cord injuries are associated with weak immune function (due to loss of nerve connection to immune system organs like the spleen, appendix, tonsils and bone marrow), and a state of chronic inflammation. Research has shown higher than normal levels of inflammatory chemicals and autoantibodies (cells that attack a normally occurring protein) regardless of whether that person has symptoms or not. Another important consequence of spinal cord injury is alteration of the endocrine system which releases hormones controlling metabolism, digestion, mood & emotions, growth and reproduction. The dysfunctions occur because the communication between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems is decreased or lost.

Studies have also shown that depression and nerve pain are associated with a state of chronic inflammation. Individuals diagnosed with major depression have been consistently reported to demonstrate elevated levels of inflammatory chemicals. These symptoms are often labelled fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or myofascial pain syndrome.

This evidence is a reminder of the massive impact that subluxation has on physical and mental health. Chiropractic isn’t a treatment for a symptom or disease, however, it’s no surprise that we see so many people who have more energy, better sleep, stronger immune function, more regular digestion and many other positive changes. Our focus will always be on reconnecting brain to body and body to brain.

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